Concourse Activities

The concourse area will be filled with both vendors and exhibitors, but also a lot of both fun and educational activities.
On the concourse you’ll find:

  • The Saddle Display: Saddles of all types with explanations of what they are and are used for
  • The Children’s Museum with Horse Anatomy Models
  • A display of the breeds and disciplines of horses
  • Color and anatomy charts
  • The “Exercizer”, where you can ride a mechanical horse that teaches young jockeys
  • A Photo Area where you can put your face into a mural showing you riding in the Olympics

In addition to the activities, kids will be able to participate in a Horse Facts contest that will be described in the Kentucky Round-Up program. If the child can answer all the questions in the Horse Facts contest, they will be entered into a drawing for free horse riding lessons. All of the answers can be found at some area of Kentucky Round-Up.